We created our cellar in order to vinify in the best possible conditions and we work as much as possible by gravity. The grapes arrive at the cellar in optimum condition.


Our red wines are mostly fermented in unlined concrete tanks, our smallest parcels are vinified in open-top oak barrels. We control the temperature of the fermentations to allow a gentle extraction of the phenolics, with a daily punching down of the caps for the first 6 to 7 days of fermentation followed by a daily cap wetting until the end of the maceration. The reds are then pressed in a small vertical press before being aged in either concrete tanks or barrels.


Our white wines are harvested in the cool morning air to preserve their delicate aromatics. After being destemmed and pressed they are vinified 60% in temperature controlled tanks between 15° and 18°C with regular pumping around of the lees to accentuate the fresh on the palate. The remaining 40% are vinified and aged for 12 months in 6 – 10 year old barrels which range from 225 to 500 litres. The wine is stirred regularly to give more minerality and richness on the palate.


Our rosé is mainly fermented in temperature controlled tanks with a regular pumping around of the lees for more fruity flavours. We ferment 2 barrels of rosé to add to the overall complexity of the wine.

All of our wine is bottled on the Estate.